About Zoli

Hi there, and welcome to Zoli Designs Jewelry. My name is Samantha and I am the owner and custom jewelry designer of Zoli. I’m a wife, a cosmetologist, a broadcaster, a metal smith jeweler, but above it all I AM A MOM. The name of my company Zoli, is in honor of my two headstrong daughters. Zo ( for my eldest daughter Zoey), and Li ( for my youngest Lilah). I am like every woman, struggling at home, work, striving to be that pinterest mom and trying to be successful at it all. My jewelry is a reflection of my struggles and triumphs. Some are clean cut and polished and some are organic and raw. All of my jewelry is handmade and programmed with the best of intentions for the wearer. I’m so grateful that you are here and hope you find a piece that you not only love, but that brings joy and abundance to your life as well.